Screening & Needs Assessments for Children

In certain areas, our providers offer free children’s mental health screenings and needs assessments for children ages 5-18. This process involves a brief interview with the parent and child and the completion of a behavior/emotional screening tool and an ADHD computerized inventory. This free screening and needs assessment can be very helpful in determining the level of care that would be most appropriate in reducing concerns at home, in school, and in the community.

What can you expect at the screening?

  • Parent/guardian will be asked to sign a consent for the screening/assessment
  • A counselor will meet with parent and child briefly prior to screening
  • Upon completion of the screening, you will meet with the counselor to review the screening and to receive appropriate recommendations for treatment
  • Prior to leaving, the family will be offered treatment referrals to Christian Family Solutions programs or to other community resources
  • The screening and recommendation process takes approximately 30 minutes

What if I wish to schedule an appointment following the screening?

  • Please bring a current copy of your insurance card
  • Our staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment, often within a few days

Current screening locations:

  • Lakeville, MN clinic (please call 800.438.1772 to to schedule a free Screening & Needs Assessment at this location)

If you have further questions about the Screening & Needs Assessment process, please call 800.438.1772.