Is it secure?

Security of information submitted online is dealt with using very strict standards to protect confidentiality. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate guarantees that all data is transmitted securely on the Internet from client to server.

An icon resembling a padlock is displayed on the bottom of most browsers' windows during an SSL video and voice conference. Using SSL helps to ensure that only invited parties are involved in any video and voice conference.

Quality Control Measures
Our goal is to provide the highest quality assistance services to the members of the organizations we serve. This model of service with the use of video-assisted counseling is an emerging area. We are contributing to the research in this area by engaging in our own ongoing studies validating research that shows positive results. Because this is a new approach, we are taking extra measures to ensure members are satisfied.

The following are a few methods we employ to ensure a high level of quality:
Staff training
Counselors go through an extensive training program for the Member Assistance Program as well as education, certification, and licensure in their particular field of mental health. They also have additional training in their area(s) of expertise. Finally, each counselor is required to participate in continuing education to maintain their credentials.

Counselors meet monthly as a group to discuss specific cases with one another and obtain feedback and advice from colleagues.

Case review
Each counseling case is reviewed by our Clinical Directors to ensure the counseling approach used is appropriate. Cases continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis until closed to ensure progress toward goals is being made.

Client feedback surveys
A representative sample of cases is randomly selected to receive a feedback survey. The information obtained from this survey is used to improve the program.

Account management
Each organization participating in the Member Assistance Program is assigned an Account Representative whose job it is to ensure the needs of the organization are being met. The Account Representative will meet regularly with the organization's leader(s) to review utilization.

Research studies
Christian Family Solutions is conducting professional research studies on the effectiveness of the program intervention. Several aspects of the program are currently being studied and will be submitted for publishing upon completion. Results will also be used to improve the program.